Benefits of creativity for your health

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Top Benefits Of Creativity For Your Health

It turns out fostering creativity may help you achieve better mental and physical health, according to a comprehensive World Health Organization report reviewing more than 3,000 studies on the subject. As psychological research has shown, engaging in creative activities has a number of mental health benefits. Other studies have found similar results in people who participate in creative activities, such as lower levels of anxiety, increased sense of well-being, and decreased levels of depression.

Similar to the effects of engaging in regular physical activity, greater benefits may be experienced when the creative activity is continuous. Essentially, engaging in creative activities has a similar effect as the runners high, or feeling of fulfillment and enjoyment, that has long-term, positive effects on our psychological well-being. Through moving your mind and body in a creative manner, you are relieved of stress and anxiety, and you are also likely to experience other benefits for your health.

Expressing oneself through creative and artistic activities may help relieve stress and anxiety, as well as reduce feelings of shame, anger, and depression following the experiences of traumatic events. Creativity can also help lessen shame, anger, and depression felt by people who experience trauma. Creative activities also can actually help people cope with various types of trauma and negative feelings, having a soothing effect on the brain and body. Even though the first experience of creative activities may be uncomfortable or unnatural, as time goes by, creative activities help to silence the noises in the mind, allowing for peacefulness and tranquility.

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By expanding your repertoire of creative activities, you may be helping to increase connectivity between the two sides of your brain. While creative writing, as well as other forms of creative expression, may require a bit of practice before you are comfortable in an art form, playing an instrument will eventually increase the connection between your right and left brain. Research shows that people who enjoy being creative through playing an instrument have better connectivity between the left and right parts of their brain.

In addition to improving mental and emotional health, types of creativity expression may physically alter your body for the better. Studies also show the physical benefits that come with all types of creativity expression, like strengthening the immune system, managing chronic pain, and much more. Specifically, these researchers found how creativity impacts both brain and body leads to benefits like increased mood, decreased anxiety, increased cognitive function, reduced risk for chronic disease, and improved immune health.

The study found that creative activities helped adults build a reserve of cognitive functions, delaying the degeneration of neurons in the future. Adults can also benefit from doing more activities that involve imagination and improvisation, and brain imaging studies are now showing how creativity changes the chemical makeup of our brains, which may improve both physical and mental health. It may seem too good to be true, but just engaging in creative behaviors (even just coloring in those fancy coloring books for adults) can boost your brain function, mental health, and physical well-being.

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By including creative activities in your routine, you may improve your physical health, motivating you to raise your heart rate. Your creativity contributes to your general well-being, helping to prevent a number of mental and physical conditions from taking hold. It helps manage and treat chronic conditions, like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dementia, and others. Creativity can not only help you find deeper meaning in life, but also has tremendous positive effects on your emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.

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By cultivating a creative practice, you can find deeper meaning, connection, and enjoyment in your life. Being creative increases positive emotions, decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety, and enhances our immune systems functioning. Building upon the former benefits of improved mood, creative expression is also considered healing for people suffering from anxiety, depression, or trauma. For people suffering from existing chronic illnesses, having creative outlets may even aid in the healing process, by decreasing stress hormones and inflammation levels.

Whether writing, baking, gardening, sewing, or playing music, having creative outlets can truly enhance mental clarity. Whether it is painting, singing, playing music, writing, baking, dancing, or gardening, having a creative outlet can do wonders for your mind. Activities such as drawing and painting may alleviate stress and symptoms of depression, and may enhance memory and resiliency in older adults. Art activities are linked with improved memory and resilience in older adults, and they can even help seniors suffering from dementia regain their connection with the world.

Creative activities and engagement with art may also offer regular opportunities to interact, and social involvement is especially important later in life when it comes to seniors mental health. Engaging in creative activities, a process that involves exploring new possibilities by solving problems and building new products or results, can greatly benefit seniors physical and mental health. Older adults who reach a degree of skill in particular creative activities may experience further positive health outcomes.

According to the Carrie and Alton Barron team of physicians and authors, engaging in any meaningful creative activity that requires the use of ones hands may help boost ones mood, engage the senses, and promote inner wellbeing. Flow is particularly helpful for those suffering from depression or anxiety, and neurological research suggests that engaging in a goal-oriented, meaningful activity such as a creative pursuit may act like a natural antidepressant, improving your mood. For instance, studies found that activities like painting, drawing, or writing allow people to express or manage their emotions in positive, productive ways. A number of studies also found that writing–especially expressive writing, which requires participants to recount an event and explain how it affected them–can help people move past trauma and handle negative emotions.

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