Iglecreations Story: Coastal Joy and Artistic Magic

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the Iglecreations Story

Welcome to the Heart of Iglecreations

Step into the world of Iglecreations, where every stroke of art tells a unique story inspired by the captivating coastal horizons and the charm of Costa Brava. This is more than just a brand; it’s a celebration of creativity, joy, and the magic found in the details.


Our Roots
Crafting Coastal Wonders

At Iglecreations, our roots are deeply embedded in the coastal landscapes that inspire us. Explore the origins of our brand, where the love for art and the allure of Costa Brava come together to create pieces that resonate with the beauty of the beach.

Meet the Maestro
Alexandre Iglesias - The Creative Force
Get to know the visionary behind Iglecreations, Alexandre Iglesias. Discover how his passion for blending traditional pencil art with digital magic brings our coastal wonders to life. Each creation reflects his commitment to infusing joy and the essence of the Costa Brava into every piece.
Our Artistic Philosophy:
Where Art Meets Coastal Joy

Delve into the philosophy that guides our artistic endeavors. At Iglecreations, we believe in the power of art to transport you to the serene shores of Costa Brava, invoking feelings of tranquility and bliss. Learn about our commitment to creating more than just art but experiences that resonate with your soul.

Coastal Inspiration:

Explore how the enchanting beauty of Costa Brava influences our creations. From the rhythmic waves to the vibrant sunsets, each piece reflects the spirit of coastal living. Our art captures not just visuals but the emotions and memories associated with the magical shores of Costa Brava.

Our Vision

Uncover our vision for Iglecreations. We aspire to transform spaces worldwide into havens of joy and coastal charm. Through our art, we aim to share the magic of Costa Brava, inviting art lovers globally to bring a piece of the beach into their homes.

Join the Journey

Embark on this creative journey with us. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a coastal soul, or someone seeking joy in every stroke, there’s a place for you in the Iglecreations community. Join us in celebrating the magic of art, joy, and the beauty found in the coastal horizons.

Making Waves
in the Artistic Landscape

Witness the impact of Iglecreations on the artistic landscape. Our creations aren’t just artworks; they are statements that redefine the boundaries of coastal-inspired art. From gallery showcases to online platforms, explore how Iglecreations has been making waves globally.


Coastal Masterpieces Created
Discover the number of coastal masterpieces crafted by Alexandre Iglesias, each telling a unique story of Costa Brava's beauty.


Happy Homes Transformed
See how many homes have been transformed into havens of joy and coastal charm through our art. Join the community of joy-filled spaces.


Global Art Enthusiasts Engaged
Be a part of a growing community! Witness the number of art enthusiasts globally who have engaged with the magic of Iglecreations..


Years of Coastal Inspiration
ount the years of relentless commitment to bringing the essence of Costa Brava to art lovers worldwide. Each year represents a chapter in our coastal-inspired journey.

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