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Special Events Offers - Iglecreations: Serene Coastline Horizons

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Celebrate with us the Iglecreations Anniversary! Join our party of colors and creativity as we commemorate another year of coastal-inspired art. Discover exclusive offers and exciting events designed to delight our art enthusiasts and loyal customers. Don’t miss out on the celebration of minimalist horizons and exclusive Costa Brava illustrations with inspiring sunrises and sunsets!

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Discover the Horizon-Inspired Collection!``

Immerse yourself in the beauty of horizons with our collection of modern backpacks and tote bags. We capture the magic of sunrises and sunsets so you can carry the serenity of nature with you.

Coastal Horizon Accesories
Coastal Christmas
Explore the Collection of Comfort and Style

Discover our range of mugs, bomber jackets, leggings, and pillows to take comfort to the next level. With modern designs and quality materials, you’ll find the perfect combination of style and comfort

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Seasonal Delights Event

Enjoy with us the Seasonal Delights Event! Immerse yourself in an experience full of charm and magic as we celebrate the wonders of each season. Discover a unique selection of artworks that capture the essence of every season and let yourself be carried away by the changing beauty of the year. Don’t miss this event full of surprises and joy!

Eco-Friendly Showcase
Coastal Summer Vibes

Immerse yourself in the coastal summer vibes at our Coastal Summer Vibes event! Join us as we celebrate the vibrant and relaxed energy of summer by the sea. Discover a refreshing collection of artworks that capture the essence of summer on the coast, from bright colors to serene landscapes. Get ready to feel the sea breeze and enjoy unforgettable moments under the sun!

Springtime in Costa Brava
Back-to-School Coastal Edition

Get ready for the back-to-school event of the year! At our Back to School event, we celebrate the excitement of the new school year with a unique selection of art inspired by learning and creativity. Discover artworks that capture the essence of returning to routine, from books and pencils to energetic school scenes. Join us in welcoming the new school year with style and enthusiasm!

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